Hello! I am a down to earth Singapore-based Digital Designer. I specialise in doing creative works for digital design - UI/UX design, visual collateral, graphics, prints, corporate identity . I have garnered years of experience in the digital design industry; creating many creative works for a variety of companies since my graduation with a diploma in Digital Media Design.

Seeking to improve myself, I have completed my study and graduated with a degree in Visual Communication with Business. I have always loved designing and exploring different visual styles, pushing myself to come out with creative designs that best represent my clients.

My aim is to become an all-rounder digital designer that is flexible in design style and delivers quality value-added work for my clients. All my experience in the Digital Design Industry has shaped me to become someone with an eye for details, and knowledgeable about what is best for my clients. I aim to become a digital designer the industry with no boundaries in terms of design.

My creative process involves communication with my clients, getting to know their objectives, seeing things from their point of view and getting to know the behaviour of their target audience before coming out with the design. I believe designs need to be creative and functional so as to improve 'lives" of people. Visuals must be aesthetically appealing to my clients as well as serve the purpose of conveying the messages that they want to bring across to their target audience.

"Designbaxic" is derived from the two words "Design" and "Basic". A good design has the ability to go back to the basics of design. which I believe is to improve the "lives" of people. Besides being aesthetically appealing, I want to create an experience that conveys my message through design to the consumers.

I am still gaining experience along the way and there are so much more to learn in this creative world. I am thankful to be in this industry and doing what I love.

Feel free to contact me at: hello@designbaxic.com

I am proficient in


    Handcrafting UI/UX designs for my clients


    Creative Layout and concept catering to the needs of my client


    Creating a identity that says about my client's business


    Visual contents merging creativity and expertise